Japan Patent Attorney

A Japanese patent attorney (benrishi) is an attorney who has a qualification for representing clients in obtaining intellectual property rights such as patents and in procedures relating to patent law and practice before the Japan Patent Office (JPO). Registration as a patent attorney in Japan is administered by the JPAA (Japan Patent Attorneys Association). A […]

Patent Protection in Japan

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry promotes structural reform of the Japanese economy and encourages an environment that brings forth new industries. One of the important policies of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is the protection of intellectual property rights. The Japan Patent Office examines patents, utility models, designs and trademarks. The […]

Court System in Japan

In Japan, the Japanese Patent Office and the courts are the government agencies charged with the handling of patent rights. The Japanese Patent Office examines patent applications seeking protection through intellectual property rights, and handles trials concerning invalidation with regard to intellectual property rights granted by the Patent Office. The courts handle litigations relating to […]