Response to Provisional Refusal under the Madrid Protocol

When an applicant receives a provisonal refusal under the Madrid Protocol from the Japan Patent Office, the applicant should immediately contact a Japanese associate for a legal advice. In response to the refusal, there are the following options. Filing of an argument stating that the trademark is not similar to a cited trademark and/or designated goods, or services are not similar […]

Examination Procedure

Upon filing of a trademark application, the formality division of the Japan Patent Office examines formality requirements of the trademark application. After the formality examination, the examining division of the Japan Patent Office examines the trademark application The examining division examines whether the application has grounds for refusal. Usually the substantial examination takes 6-8 months to forward a […]

Required Information for Japanese Trademark Application

In order to register a trademark with the Japan Patent Office, a trademark application must be filed. The application requires basic information, such as the following: The trademark The goods or services for which the owner of the trademark intends to use the trademark The International Class to which the goods or services belong The name and the […]