Takaoka IP Law

is a central-Tokyo Intellectual Property firm that provides advice and legal services in a broad range of intellectual property matters in Japan, specializing in: patent, trademark, industrial design, utility model, and domain name dispute.

Our firm offers the experience and understanding that are essential for advising companies about strategies for protecting their valuable technologies as well as expertise for protecting their trademarks.

The Takaoka IP Law Office has successfully prosecuted many patents in various technical fields and a variety of trademarks from major corporations to start-ups from clearance searches to registrations.  Our firm has also successfully enforced patents and trademarks in these fields.  We have also represented clients in invalidity trials before the Japan Patent Office and district courts, and have experience assisting a wide variety of clients that range from small businesses to multinational companies with prosecution, protection, maintenance, and enforcement of their intellectual property rights.

Takaoka IP Groups

The Takaoka IP Law Office is comprised of four groups:

  • Prosecution Group
  • Translation Group
  • Litigation Group
  • Seminar Group

Our firm operates across multiple groups in flexible and dynamic manner. For instance, our prosecution group brings know-how of drafting of patent specifications to the translation group.  The litigation group is supported by the prosecution group in the interpretation of claims or analysis of grounds of invalidity, and by the translation group for the preparation of translations of evidence to be submitted with the Japan Patent Office or courts. Our firm fosters an atmosphere of close cooperation and teamwork between groups and attorneys, which brings successful results to our clients in a cost-effective way.