Our Litigation Group

Our litigation group is committed to finding the most effective and efficient method of resolving our clients’ disputes. Our group exercises all reasonable efforts to reduce expenses and  avoid litigation delays. We have represented multinational clients in patent infringement disputes, and demonstrated our ability to deliver successful results on more cost-effective basis.

Patent Disputes

A reason why we succeed in intellectual property disputes is that attorneys in our litigation group are experienced patent prosecutors and understand the preparation of patent specifications.  Most of trial examiners and judges involved in invalidation trials and infringement proceedings have experience working as examiners for patent applications. Attorneys in our litigation group understand the merits on which they determine patentability, based on their experiences in drafting and prosecuting patent applications, and provide effective presentations to them.

Search and Opinion

The group also provides related services such as freedom-to-operate opinions, and non-infringement and invalidity opinions. At a client’s request, the group provides an analysis that includes intellectual property risks related to whether you are free to produce your product without infringing on patents or trademark rights. For patent searches, we use a special database which enables us to conduct more detailed searches and which is more reliable than the Japan Patent Office database.