“Patent Terminal”

Our seminar center (Patent Terminal) has arranged intellectual property seminars for Japanese businesses with over 20 contracted lecturers, and holds 5-10 IP seminars per year. The center delivers latest IP information and news to over 500-1,000 IP professionals in companies and law firms. The seminars cover foreign patent laws and Japanese Patent Law from basics to practices.

The nature of the seminar center is academic. That is, the seminar center is a neutral and non-profit group in our firm, of which the objective is not to promote our firm’s business but to provide opportunities for IP professionals to learn latest information about intellectual property.  The name of Takaoka IP Law is not emphasized in any advertisements of seminars.

In addition, through activities of the Patent Terminal, attendees, such as patent attorneys and IP paralegals, and the lecturers have opportunities to make their own professional networks.