Our Translation Group

Our translation team is one of the leading Japanese patent translation providers. The team has over 50 translators and 20 proofreaders, and provides patent translations of over 1,000,000 English words per month. Our translations are prepared by highly trained translators with extensive technical and scientific knowledge, patent expertise, and highly developed translation and editing skills.

Ready for Filing

Our translators have full knowledge of the electronic format for Japanese patent applications and provide the translations that are ready for filing. When our patent prosecution team which receives the filing-ready translations, they can immediately file them with the Japan Patent Office, and this significantly reduces costs for filing of the patent applications.

Understanding Technologies

Specialists in our translation team act as technical assistants to our prosecution group and the litigation group because understanding technology is critical for patent prosecution and litigation. More than 30 technical specialists provide the best understanding of new technologies and innovations. Our firm fosters an atmosphere of close cooperation and teamwork between groups and attorneys, which brings successful results to our clients in a cost-effective way.

Free Quote Request

Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote for a Japanese national entry from a PCT patent application, a Japanese trademark application, or a response to a provisional refusal under the Madrid Protocol, by sending an email to  You will receive a final and accurate quote within 24 hours.